A day of updates

Don’t worry – I didn’t disappear. My week got busy, so needless to say, the blog took a back seat.

I figured since my last post was all about the ‘Ups and Downs of Weight Watchers‘, I would start of this post by mentioning, that I’m no longer doing Weight Watchers. Before you freak out and wonder ‘Should I not be doing it?’, let me explain.

1. My 3-month of pre-paid membership was coming to a close and quite honestly, I hadn’t lost much weight in those three months because of a lack of motivation. I wasn’t about to spend more money to rejoin and have the same thing happen. Weight Watchers is an amazing program and when you follow it exactly, it works wonder. I should know. I lost 20 lbs on it before.

2. I found out I was getting to wrapped up in the fact that fruits and vegetables were zero points that I was literally eating as many fruits and vegetables as my stomach could hold, and then gorging myself on carbs because I was so hungry I couldn’t stand it. So I rejoined MyFitnessPal and am focusing on eating a good range of protein, fats and carbs each day. I’m still eating plenty of fruits and veggies (fruits more in the AM because of all the natural sugars and carbs!), but making sure I’m incorporating more protein and carbs as well. Let’s just say I’m a much happier person now.

3. I have learned that I need to see the actual calorie number. I need to see how much I’m using in a day and how much I’m burning off with exercise. And then I like seeing the number change on the scale. I hate math, but it’s a simple math equation and it makes me happy. I’m not focusing all on the numbers, but it’s nice to see such a simple math equation paying off.

Oh and the Shakeology challenge has ended. I didn’t keep up with my end of the bargain with updates. In the end, I lost maybe 3 lbs since starting with it, have drastically reduced the amount of coffee I drink (like 3 cups a day to 1) and my hair is softer and stronger (it has Biotin in it). Right now, the debate is on it if I want to purchase more, or find something similar.

And for current weigh in stats:

Starting Weight (1/2/14): 199.3

Last Weigh  (1/31/14): 191.6

Current Loss to Date: 7.7

Anyways, just a quick little update today. I plan to have a few more posts coming this week and also a super awesome friend will be making some guest appearances on the blog soon! Stay tuned to meet her!

Have a great rest of your day!


The Ups and Downs of Weight Watchers… literally

If you’ve ever done Weight Watchers, or really any weight loss program for that matter, you know that for every 5 lbs you lose, you’ll probably see your weight fluctuate at least 1 or 2 pounds throughout the week. Am I right?

If you’re like me, that means you weigh yourself every morning and have a total meltdown when you discover that you’ve gained a pound since yesterday.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.


Yes. I know. This isn’t healthy. I’m slowly driving myself crazy by weighing myself everyday. But I tell myself, it totally keeps me on track that whole day knowing I have to work THAT MUCH HARDER to make sure the scale goes in the other direction.

I’ve been officially back on Weight Watchers for almost three weeks. You all know this. This is old news. It’s also old news that this like attempt #5,568 to lose the 40+ lbs I gained in college and after (I don’t have any excuse anymore… I graduated almost 6 years ago.) For the first two weeks, my weight went down every week. I was pumped. I could say I had lost almost 7 lbs in the first two weeks and that made me oh so happy.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. So like every morning, I hopped on the scale to make sure I would be semi close to under last week’s number. HOLY CRAP I WAS UP ALMOST 2 LBS! Yep – pure panic mode. The first thought that went through my head was… I have to lose 2 lbs over night. This is not going to go well.


After panicking, fretting, prepping today’s food, and then talking to Molly (my go-to health guru) and getting a bit of tough love, I came to the conclusion that a) I was literally driving myself insane by checking my weight every day and b) I needed to be stricter when counting points.

Yep – you read that right. I slack about counting points on the weekend. I let Friday (my weigh-in day) be my splurge day, and then I tend to be lazy and not count for the rest of the weekend. I tell myself I’ll watch what I eat/drink and I’ll be okay. Which is never the case. I’m always up on Monday AM instead of down, or the same as Friday.

So for all of my freaking out, I know she’s right. I can’t eat clean and in portions, while counting points for 4 days a week and then just assume I’m doing the right thing for 3 days a week, and expect to see my numbers change. I have to be fully devoted 24/7 in order for this to work. If I stay devoted, the number will go down. If I go off track, the number will go up. It seems so simple. So, time to make some more changes.

So what is my plan of attack?

1. Stop weighing myself daily – it seems so minor, but it’s become part of my routine. My scale is next to me every morning. It’s become a no-brainer to step on it in the morning. THIS HAS TO STOP. Weigh in’s will only be on Monday AM (for a competition at work!) and Friday AM (for weight watchers).  That is it.


2. Count points ALL week, not just 4 days –  to make WW work, I have to stick with it every day and stop assuming what my points will be during the weekend. It’s Thursday, and I’m OVER my points by 16. As in, all of my weekly additional points are gone. And I didn’t even finish tracking my food for Friday or Saturday. So yeah, I think it’s time to suck it up and be good about the tracking thing.

3. Fit the gym in – this has been the biggest struggle. Not because I don’t enjoy working out, but because I’m lazy. I should get out of bed in the AM and hit the gym with friends. But I like to sleep until 7. So if I sleep in, I should go after work… but then it’s just to damn crowded. So starting Monday, the gym or some form of exercise, will be making a regular appearance in my life again.


Needless to say, when I don’t track points, I’m only hurting myself. No one else cares whether I track or not throughout the weekend. They aren’t going to stop me before I devour 4 slices of pizza and say ‘Did you track that yet?’ (Although maybe someone should!).

So tomorrow, I’m preparing myself for the upside of Weight Watchers (and not the fun upside when you lose weight, but the side where you’ve gained a pound!) knowing that tomorrow is also the start of a new ‘week’ and I’ll just rock it next week.

Weight Watchers Update and Foto Friday

Happy Friday all!

Before I jump into Foto Friday, I wanted to do my weekly Weight Watchers update. Today was my weekly weigh-in and I am happy to report I was down 2.8 lbs! Here are the totals so far.

Starting Weight (1/2/14): 199.3

Last Weigh In for WW (1/17/14): 192.5

Current Weight (as of this AM): 192.5

Current Loss to Date: 6.8

My goal is to be down 15 by Valentines Day – just over a month to lose about 8.2 lbs. I think I can do it! Especially getting the gym back in the equation this week.

Okay – now for something I’m hoping to bring back. FOTO FRIDAY! As many of you know, my side profession is a photographer. I have loved photography since high school and began eryn e photography in 2011. While the business has become a lot of amazing families, I still love getting out there and snapping random scenes. Since my camera is currently in the shop for some repairs, I decided to have some fun with my iPhone 5S this AM on my way into work. I edited it with ‘Filtergram‘.

Usually I post a little blurb to go with the photo, but today – I’m not. I want to hear what comes to mind when you look at this photo! And for the record,  I did pull over and stop my car to take this. Always be safe when taking pictures on the road 🙂

Please no stealing :)

Please no stealing 🙂

Check out my instagram account for more pictures!

So I want to know, what does this image mean to you? Tell me below in the comments! Looking forward to hearing your responses!

Money can be so motivating.

With all of the health changes in my life, I figured I should documenting them a bit better – it’s a good place for me to track here, and it keeps me accountable. Plus, you get to read regular blog posts again! High five!


Weight Watchers: I restarted Weight Watchers over a month ago. My weight has essentially not moved in that time period.  So needless to say, I started a DietBet (well two of them!) about 11 days ago. I am now using the first DietBet (Blogilates one) as my starting Weight Watchers weight and tracking from there. At least now, all of my weigh in’s are essentially the same.

Starting Weight (1/2/14): 199.3

Last Weigh In for WW (1/10/14): 195.3

Current Weight (as of this AM): 193.7

Current Loss to Date: 5.6

So here is what’s up – N told me as incentive he would pay me $5 bucks for every pound I lose. My goal is to lost about 50 lbs which translates to $250 bucks. PLUS, he told me he’d buy me all new clothes when I hit my goal. I’d say that’s serious incentive!

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for over a week now. Finally on the mend, but it definitely hindered my gym going. I haven’t had much an appetite (normally when I’m sick I’m RAVENOUS), so this was a welcome change as well. But I have plenty on the forefront to keep me motivated. Here is what is on my current agenda.

Challenges (Money Challenges that is….)

1. 2 DietBet challenges: Such fun ways to kick off a weight loss. I’m doing the Blogilates January DietBet and one I started with friends. I’m about 70% of the way to my goal in the Blogilates and about 56% in our group one. Either way, it’s helping me to stay on track!

2. ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge at work: A group of us put in $20 bucks and whoever loses the highest percentage of weight loss in 6 weeks wins the pot. I’m in 🙂

3. N’s challenge (see above!)

Today also started a new challenge – Shakeology!

My good friend Molly of In a Nutshell Nutrition recently became a BeachBody coach. To kick this off, she started a 21-Day Shakeology challenge where we have to replace one meal a day with a shake. Today was Day 1 for me. The shakes are supposed to be your ‘healthiest meal of the day’ and are packed with proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. that promote health and well being. The point of the challenge is to track our energy levels, weight loss, regularity and such to watch for the changes we feel. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes.

I’m drinking the Chocolate, and was pretty happy with how it tasted this morning. Like pleasantly surprised. Not chalky at all like a protein shake. I just mixed mine with almond milk this AM and it was just enough. I’m still battling a bit of the hunger devil this AM, but I’m also assuming it’s my body getting used to the shake. Hopefully in a couple of days my body will adjust and be used to it! I’m also looking forward to seeing the weight loss that could potentially come with it! Anything to help me in my competitions!


Stay tuned for my daily updates and such on that front!

Anyways, I’m working on planning out some additional blog posts for the coming weeks, along with daily updates on the Shakeology challenge. Hoping that I can bring the blog back to full force in 2014!

Enjoy! 🙂