My Goal: Just to Have the Time of My Life

TGIF! Happy Friday all!

We’re finally getting some spring-like weather up here in New England (complete with what may be some early April showers monsoon type weather). And by early, I mean essentially the entire last few days of March. At least it will be in the 40s… except for Sunday. Which will be in the 30s. Have no fear, spring appears to be on it’s way!

All I can say is…we better have a LONG HOT SUMMER. I won’t even complain this year if we get multiple heat waves. I will bask in it. Seriously.

So with spring and summer finally on it’s way, it got me thinking about my goals for this year – the things I want to accomplish so I can look back and remind myself how the spring/summer/fall of 2014 will be one of the best years yet!

1. Learn to Paddleboard – I live by the ocean. I should at least learn to do something water related (besides swim of course. I’ve been able to do that since I was a kid!). Paddleboarding just looks like so much fun, while being a great workout, while enjoying the summer weather. Thankfully, Sierra works at a Paddleboarding place in the summer and said she will teach me. Hooray!

2. Run a 5K – I’ve been saying this for probably 5 years now. Maybe even longer. But for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I can stick to training and learning how to run. I am totally getting a runner’s high when I run now. Even when I’m sucking wind after just a couple of minutes. After I’m done, I feel like a new person. And I can’t wait to do it again. This time, I’m sticking with it. Hopefully tonight, I’ll be hitting the road for the first time since it will be close to 50. Got to build up the stamina there since I can’t run a race on a treadmill!

A few spring/summer/fall options for 5K’s in the area are:

  • Flag Day 5K – Saturday, June 14th (It benefits the 1st Lt. Derek Hines Soldier Assistance Fund; I grew up with his family. It also falls 2 days before my birthday. Which would be an amazing experience to finally reach a goal before my birthday!)
  • The Nate Bibaud 5K – Saturday June 29th
  • Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile and 5K – Tuesday, July 29th (it’s during Yankee Homecoming, a Newburyport tradition)
  • 25th Annual Apple Harvest Race – Sunday, October 5th

Who knows! Maybe I’ll be so ready by June I can run all of them. However, I’m just going to go with the flow and know that I have at least 4 ahead of me that I could do! Just need to keep up the training!

3. Travel – Last summer, we took a week off and basically just hung around and took in the sites close to home. This year, I want to travel. I hate flying, but I love visiting new places. We’ve already planned at July trip to Rota, Spain for 10 days to visit my best friend and her husband. A fall trip is also in the works so we can celebrate the other half’s birthday and start planning our wedding (HOORAY!!!). I’m also hoping we’ll get to do some fun weekend trips, as long as money allows!

4. Enjoy Every Minute  – I feel like every summer goes by in the blink of an eye. Suddenly it’s September and I’m looking back wondering where the hell the summer. Come September this year, I don’t want to look back and wonder where it went.

  • I want to look back and say ‘That was the best summer ever.’ I want to spend time at the beach, or by the pool, and attempt to get a tan (I burn usually… I’m Irish).
  • I want to take long walks in the summer evenings, or the early mornings, before the humidity sets it.
  • I want to have campfires and gatherings, and endless nights that we will talk about for years to come.
  • I want to be outside as much as humanly possible.
  • I want to travel around with my camera and create a personal portfolio I will be oh so in love with.
  • I want to have the time of my life.






Foto Friday!

As part of the ‘reinvented’ blog, I’m always trying to think of new things I can do, besides just write. Since it’s a look inside my world, whether it be books, health/fitness, photography or just my musings of the day, I need to plan accordingly. I’m hoping as I delve deepper into the blogging world, I’ll have a bit more of a schedule for things. But for now, since not a whole lot of new stuff is happening, I decided today would be Foto Friday!

What is Foto Friday you ask?

Foto Friday is going to be a day where I post a random photo from my personal collection of works, or possibly a really cool photo from a past photo shoot, and maybe write a little snippet or something that goes along with it! Maybe it will spark some creativity in me.

Anyways, welcome to the first Foto Friday. My one rule – please don’t take screen grabs of these photos. If you’re interested in any of them, please let me know. 🙂 Also – if you’re interested in seeing more of my work, make sure to like eryn e photography. You can either like it on the side bar, or visit here!


My love for photography began at the beach my sophomore year of high school on Plum Island. To this day, it is still one of my favorite places to photograph, both personally and professionally. I recently had family photos done and my engagement photos done, forever capturing one of my favorite places.

I love black and white photography; while I don’t go black & white unless I feel the picture really calls for it, I just love how it can capture a mood, a feeling or just enhance the effects of a photo. This photo was taken in early August. Summer was starting to wind down, but the weather was still perfect. I was waiting for a client to arrive for their session so I wandered around the boardwalk snapping pictures as I went. I love the depth of field in this. I love how it came out.

Photos can spark a different emotion in every person. For me, the blurred out boardwalk represents the start of summer. It seemed like early June was just upon us and suddenly, it’s just a blurred memory.

Does this photo spark any emotions from you? If so, what?

Monday Funday!

Happy Monday folks!

This weekend seemed to go by in warp-speed (Don’t they all this time of year?) but it was definitely a good one. Most of this post will be in pictures, because simply put, pictures tell a good story!

Friday – After work, it was a relaxation night. I’ve been fighting a cold off so it was best to curl up with a good book and rest the night away

Saturday – Woke up, read a book, did our measurements and weekly photos for Insanity, went for a nearly 3 mile walk and then came home and I got ready for my best friend’s bachelorette party. The day began with us sailing on The Ninth Wave in Newburyport, followed by a cookout at her parents house and a bar crawl through Newburyport. Good times were had by all.


Sunday – Spent the morning recovering from the above Bachelorette Party. After, we did our groceries, food prep and our Insanity Fit Test. I was pretty stoked with the results!

Switch Kicks – 40 (up 3)

Power Jacks – 34 (down 3 – probably could of done more, but I burned out)

Power Knees – 68 (Up 13)

Power Jumps – 25 (up 8)

Globe Jumps – 7 (up 1)

Suicide Jumps aka Burpees – 10 (up 4)

Push-Up Jacks – 5 (5 ACTUAL Push-Up Jacks – this is huge because two weeks ago I could barely do one push-up)

Plank Obliques – 5 (down 3 – but I was exhausted and also slipping everywhere)

Needless to Insanity – insanity is working! I’m also down a couple of inches all around!

After Insanity, we did some cleaning and the fiance cooked an amazing Summer dinner of grilled chicken and veggies. Yum!


Only 4 more days until vacation begins!

Until next time.


Where did the summer go?

It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days for graduate school to be over. I couldn’t wait, but at the same time, it meant that summer would be over too. Suddenly, I felt like I was in a catch-22. While I wanted school to be over, I never wanted the summer to end. It was a wonderful summer. I had a great birthday with family, watched one of my closest friends get married, re-did my bedroom and my mothers and spend countless hours with the people I love the most.

Before I knew it, Labor Day weekend was here. The official end of summer. And thankfully, the weather could not have been more perfect. So on Sunday afternoon, my parents and I took a spur of the moment trip into Boston where we ate a delicious lunch at The Chart House and visited the New England Aquarium. I felt like a kid again at the Aquarium.

I got to pet a sting ray…

And see lots of penguins (my favorite!)

And even got to see some sharks (also a giant sea turtle, but did not get any good pictures of him)! 

And for the record, I’m still petrified of sharks. Seeing this guy up close only made it worse.

Needless to say, it was one of those days that I will always remember and make me wish summer would last forever.

What are your favorite summertime memories?