Blog Roll

Some of my favorite blogs – I’ll be adding more… I’m sure! I love discovering new and interesting content, so please e-mail me 🙂  If you would like to be added, contact me!

    • In a Nutshell Nutrition – My friend Molly’s blog. She’s a personal trainer, Beachbody coach and in school for holistic nutrition. Take a looksie!
    • Nutrition Ella – She’s an awesome healthy living blogger.
    • Blonde Bostonian – She’s a great writer and a local Boston gal!
    • Jennsylvania – Jen Lancaster’s blog. She absolutely cracks me up.
    • Bess Be Fit – Another fabulous healthy living blogger.
    • Peanut Butter Fingers – Yep, another.
    • Heidi Hope Photography – I aspire to have my photography look like hers.
    • Mashable – I know. It’s also a website. But it’s both. And I love Social Media and Tech.
    • Offbeat Bride – It’s a little bizarre. But as someone who will be eventually planning a wedding, I think it’s a fun read.
    • Style Me Pretty – Another wedding site. But I LOVE this site. ::Sigh:::
    • The Bloggess – If you haven’t read ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ by Jenny Lawson, you’re missing out. She’s a RIOT. So check out her blog, then her book.

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