Friendly Feature – Meet Emily!

Today’s Friendly Feature is Emily! Emily and I met back in college through our communications classes, and we spent alot of time together senior year! She’s the one who taught me how to crochet (thank you Emily!) and we became fast friends. I’m super excited she is one of my Friendly Features today!

So without further ado – meet Emily!

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Emily and her Dad at a Patriots game

Emily and her Dad at a Patriots game

Hello! My name is Emily, I’m 28 and hail from Central Massachusetts but for the past 5 years have called Los Angeles my “home”. I went to school at Westfield State College (where I met Eryn) where I studied broadcast production. Now in Los Angeles I freelance for various live streaming shows. My day job has me directing and tech managing a showcalled where we discuss various autism related topics weekly. I also work on a lot of sports broadcasts including the Los Angeles D-Fenders. In my free time I enjoy being crafrty, sewing, DIY home stuff, also hiking, softball, and anything new andadventurous! Also, I have a cat named Abby! She’s pretty cool.

Abby, Emily's rescue kitty.

Abby, Emily’s rescue kitty.

What made you want to move to California to pursue a career in TV Production?

One of my first jobs out of college was working for a public access television station in Northampton, MA. When I thought of the space for me to advance or do anything bigger and better, I didn’t think I would be able to find that there. I could work in news, but news has become a soul sucking waste of tv air time. I tried to get in with ESPN and NESN but it seems I’m not the demographic they are looking to hire. SO, I saved up some money, packed up my little blue car and headed west. Figured what would it hurt to try it out in the land of television production. Plus, you seriously can’t beat the weather.

Working in TV Production must be really interesting – what is your favorite aspect about it?

SXSW 2013 Broadcast of the launch. In camera there is Sarah Silverman.

SXSW 2013 Broadcast of the launch. In camera there is Sarah Silverman.

I love the diversity of the work I’m doing on top of the occasional travel. During the day I’m helping families get the information they needabout autism through our morning show, in the afternoon I could be heading over to Hollywood to work on some celebrity video podcast and on the weekends I’m traveling to broadcast the D-Fenders or local college basketball and football. I also love working in a live format. There is little margin for error but when something happens you don’t have the time to sit and dwell on it, you fix it and move forward, making sure to not make the same mistake again. At the end of the day you pack it up and move on to the next new thing. It’s refreshing and means I’m never taking my work home with me.

Have you met any celebrities – who have been your favorites?

Emily LOVES Henry Winkler :)

Emily LOVES Henry Winkler 🙂

I’ve met quite a few celebrities from the 2 years I worked on Kevin Pollaks Chat Show. He does a weekly 2-3 hour interview with a celebrity guest that goes uninterrupted and allows for a unique look at that persons life. So, Kevin is obviously high on that list for giving me the job. I have a great photo of myself and Henry Winkler from when he came on the show. He is honestly the nicest man in the world. I’ve also enjoyed meeting Seann William Scott,Virginia Madsen, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Morse, and a lot of others who came in to do the show.

When did you get into hiking? Where has your favorite place been to hike in the LA area? Where do you recommend?
I’ve always loved being outside. As a kid we went camping a lot in New Hampshire. A friend of mine and I decided last spring we were being fat and lazy on the weekends and we should get out more and do some hiking. We formed Hike Club LA which now has it’s own website (that we have not had time to update) and we try to get out at least once a month and explore a new hiking trail. We did one recently called Switzer Falls that took you along a creek filled with beautiful trees and granite stones. Hermit Falls was also very cool and had some short cliff dives into the river. I recommend any hike in LA as it’s the best chance to forget that you are in an overcrowded sprawling city and that there is nature all around us.

This is Switzer "Falls". California is having a bit of a drought.

This is Switzer “Falls”. California is having a bit of a drought.

You were the one to teach me how to crochet, the one and only pattern, I can do. Where did you learn to crochet and what other craft-related projects do you like to do?
Ha! It’s still the only one I can do too! You are much better at it than me now. I still have a blanket I’ve been working on since college that remains unfinished.
My mom taught me most of the crafts I know. She herself is an avid sewer. I do like making quilts, currently I’m working on a picnic blanket. I’m most passionate and complete mostly cross-stitches though. I’ve made several in the past few years that I’ve given away to my sisters or mom as gifts. They are very time intensive, usually a few months per project, but in the end they are these really unique pieces of art that will last a lifetime. I’ll also scroll through pinterest every now and then and be inspired to try something new. I’ve made a few things out of mason jars and wine bottles. I have a whole bunch of Wine Deer ornaments for sale on my etsy page that Imade last year. Check them out:
One of her first teams in LA

One of her first teams in LA

Any advice out there for those who are recently single?

Well I’m only a month in myself but I guess I would say it’s ok to be independent. Ending an almost 5 year relationship was really scary because it had become my way of life in Los Angeles and I was about to upend it, but I owed it to myself to be truly happy and with someone who wants the same things out of life. I’m grateful to all of my supportive friends and family and now I’m enjoying the luxury of doing what I want, when I want for a while.

Do you have any long terms goals in your production career?

Back to back division champs!

Back to back division champs!

I would love to work broadcasts for pro sports and I’m currently looking to get trained on the gear they use. I really love traveling as well so if I can throw that into the mix while getting paid, I’d be a happy camper.

What is your favorite form of exercise?

SOFTBALL! It’s actually my favorite part of the week. I play on a couple co-ed teams and it is great. Especially here in LA we can play all year round and still wear shorts. I usually play 2nd place and I love running around and getting dirty.

Emily with her family who recently visited her in LA

Emily with her family who recently visited her in LA

What does a typical day look like for you?

Busy! I’m working on from 8-3, and normally take off straight to a podcast or sports broadcast gig till the end of the night. On other days I hit the gym after work then hang out and work on projects at home and watch tv with my cat, or go out with friends.

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