What Sierra Learned – Fatty Acids, Hydrogenated Foods and Adipocytes

I have my anatomy and physiology lecture in the mornings, at 8 AM to be exact, and we talked about organic compounds. A discussion about carbs was first, followed by lipids.

Lipids are categorized into three fatty acids:

  • Triglycerides (which is stored fat in the body)
  • Phospholipids (which help create cells)
  • Steroid fats (which are chemical messengers in the body)

Hydrogenated foods were next up in the discussion, and how they are used to make foods have a longer shelf life, even though they are really bad because of the chemical structure.

And now the part that I think is the best….. Adipocytes!

Adipocytes are fat cells with nothing inside them. They are technically unlimited, meaning that they can just keep filling up with stored fat and they can also make new fat cells in the body to then be filled as well. Once your body has adipocytes, they will never go away. It is possible for the fat to be burned off, but is extremely hard to tap into those cells when working out. This is a huge factor that plays into people who have gained a lot of weight, shed the pounds, and then gained them back. Once someone goes back to their old ways of lounging around and eating unhealthy foods, the adipocytes will fill right back up.

That is why it is important for people who are really determined to lose weight and to keep the weight off, to stay on track with your workout plan and eating program.


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