A day of updates

Don’t worry – I didn’t disappear. My week got busy, so needless to say, the blog took a back seat.

I figured since my last post was all about the ‘Ups and Downs of Weight Watchers‘, I would start of this post by mentioning, that I’m no longer doing Weight Watchers. Before you freak out and wonder ‘Should I not be doing it?’, let me explain.

1. My 3-month of pre-paid membership was coming to a close and quite honestly, I hadn’t lost much weight in those three months because of a lack of motivation. I wasn’t about to spend more money to rejoin and have the same thing happen. Weight Watchers is an amazing program and when you follow it exactly, it works wonder. I should know. I lost 20 lbs on it before.

2. I found out I was getting to wrapped up in the fact that fruits and vegetables were zero points that I was literally eating as many fruits and vegetables as my stomach could hold, and then gorging myself on carbs because I was so hungry I couldn’t stand it. So I rejoined MyFitnessPal and am focusing on eating a good range of protein, fats and carbs each day. I’m still eating plenty of fruits and veggies (fruits more in the AM because of all the natural sugars and carbs!), but making sure I’m incorporating more protein and carbs as well. Let’s just say I’m a much happier person now.

3. I have learned that I need to see the actual calorie number. I need to see how much I’m using in a day and how much I’m burning off with exercise. And then I like seeing the number change on the scale. I hate math, but it’s a simple math equation and it makes me happy. I’m not focusing all on the numbers, but it’s nice to see such a simple math equation paying off.

Oh and the Shakeology challenge has ended. I didn’t keep up with my end of the bargain with updates. In the end, I lost maybe 3 lbs since starting with it, have drastically reduced the amount of coffee I drink (like 3 cups a day to 1) and my hair is softer and stronger (it has Biotin in it). Right now, the debate is on it if I want to purchase more, or find something similar.

And for current weigh in stats:

Starting Weight (1/2/14): 199.3

Last Weigh  (1/31/14): 191.6

Current Loss to Date: 7.7

Anyways, just a quick little update today. I plan to have a few more posts coming this week and also a super awesome friend will be making some guest appearances on the blog soon! Stay tuned to meet her!

Have a great rest of your day!


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