A weekend full of fun.

Happy Monday my friends!

Wait… just kidding. It’s Tuesday. I had yesterday off for the MLK holiday so today totally feels like a Monday to me! Hope you all had a nice weekend! My weekend was great.

I read. I discovered my new favorite author, JoJo Moyes, and managed to finish ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ and ‘Me Before You’ this weekend. I HIGHLY recommend ‘Me Before You’. It grabbed me and would not let go. I felt like I started to really know the characters. Stay tuned because I am planning on doing a book review of it!


I shopped. My best friend was home visiting from Spain where she is currently living. So we spent Saturday together shopping and visiting our haunts. It was so nice to spend time with her and see her. I’ve missed her mucho!

I watched football. Like everyone else in New England, I was glued to my TV watching the Pats/Broncos games. While I’m sad that the Pats didn’t win, it’s incredible they made it as far as they did. I mean with all of the injuries they had with key players, and they still made it to the AFC Championship… come on, that’s pretty awesome.

'High-five? Anyone? No? Okay.'

‘High-five? Anyone? No? Okay.’


I crocheted. In my previous life, aka before I aimed to read 100 books a year, worked full time and had a photography business, I crocheted blankets like a madwoman. A good friend taught me a single blanket pattern in college and that’s the only thing I know how to make. I figured out scarves at one point, but I mean, that’s crocheting in a single line. Anyways, I decided it was time start again after almost a 2 year hiatus. I was so scared I forgot how. Thankfully, it was like riding a bike and it all came back to me. I do sell them, so if you’re interested in a custom blanket, let me know!

photo 3

The start of a new blanket

One of the many blankets I've made - back in 09/10.

One of the many blankets I’ve made – back in 09/10.

I spent time with my parents. I have dinner with my parents like once a week. Yesterday, I spent nearly the entire afternoon and evening at my parents house. It was nice to just kick back and hang out with them, as well as the cat. The sky was unreal as I drove the 20 minutes to their condo. The clouds were amazing. The sun was shining in all the right places. It was just a cool day.

photo 1As much as I love my parent’s cat, and he sometimes loves me, yesterday he was not amused when I tried to take my scarf and mittens home with me. He found them on the couch and immediately claimed them as his own. Needless to say, I don’t think I left on good terms with him…

photo 2

I cooked. And so did my fiance (who is quite the baker!). I made a healthy turkey chili, he made pulled pork in the crock pot, and he made pineapple upside down cakes with coconut frosting.  AMAZING.

Today it’s back to work! We’re facing another 5-10″ of snow between tonight and tomorrow. Should be an adventure. At least we’re having an actual snowy winter this year. Hopefully we’ll be lucky and have all four seasons!

How was your weekend?


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