A Biggest Loser Breakthrough

Today we’re talking about being a loser, but a good kind of loser. The Biggest Loser!

I seriously cannot get enough of this show. Like each week, I want more. It’s like cake – only better for you (well at least in terms of motivation! It’s still not good for you unless you’re running in place during the whole episode….) And for me, it’s definitely pure motivation.


If I had a treadmill, I would run in place the entire show. Just like this dog.


As a person who has been trying for what seems like forever to lose weight (seriously, it’s going on 6 years!), and as a person who had yo-yo dieted several times from the attempts to lose weight, I felt that I really wanted to write about something that has helped me in my most recent quest for weight loss. This TV show has always been one of my favorites. I hadn’t watched in several seasons, but knew that this season would draw me in just like the others.

The first night I watched is, I was sitting on our couch, stuffing my face with homemade mac and cheese and wine (great combination I know…) and watching the contestants tell their stories of why they needed to be on ‘The Biggest Loser’ ranch. I cried as they cried, specifically when David told the story about his late wife. Dear lord, I cried like a baby. But I kept stuffing my face. I did have the thought at one point of ‘This is an ironic combination’ but it didn’t stop me.

Once the contestants were on the ranch for and weighing in each week, I realized that some of their milestone weight losses were close to my current weight. In fact, when a commercial came on that said ‘Do you have 50 or more pounds to lose? Try out for The Biggest Loser!’ I had an AHA moment.

I’ve been overweight since graduating college, and with the foot injury this past fall, I gained a few more pounds, but I never thought of myself as Biggest Loser material. Ever. But, I have 50 lbs to lose. Which means, I could apply for The Biggest Loser. I wouldn’t, but the mere fact that I’m on that line that I could apply was a crazy concept to me.

Granted, they would never accept me as I don’t have ENOUGH weight to lose, but the fact that it was mentioned made me realize that it’s time to take this weight loss serious. Like for real this time.

As the show went on, I realized that I began really feel for these people. You really learn about who they are and how they ended up here. And their transformations are nothing short of amazing. Granted, I’m still not sure HOW they lose that much weight in such a short period of time, but still, it’s amazing. (My guess is like 1,000 calories a day and hours upon hours in the gym… just my two cents though!).

For instance, Rachel – the spunky 24 year old former National level swimmer. SHE LOOKS AMAZING. When she tried on her size 8 jeans in a previous episode, I was so excited for her to see they fit! I just wanted to high-five her! And in my head, I was going, ‘yes Eryn you can get there too! She lost almost 100 lbs to get there… you only need to lose about 30!’ Her drive has been inspirational. And I really hope she wins J

Beast Mode - and it's only week 1.

Beast Mode – and it’s only week 1.


I really hoped to find a picture of her with her skinny jeans moment – but no such luck. But seriously. This girl was killing it on the first day.

Now, my current goal is to have a ‘OH MY GOD MY SIZE 8 JEANS FIT AGAIN!’ moment like Rachel. Except, mine will be a pair of size 10 se7en’s in my closet I bought a few years ago. When those suckers fit again, I will know that I am succeeding in my journey this time!


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