Money can be so motivating.

With all of the health changes in my life, I figured I should documenting them a bit better – it’s a good place for me to track here, and it keeps me accountable. Plus, you get to read regular blog posts again! High five!


Weight Watchers: I restarted Weight Watchers over a month ago. My weight has essentially not moved in that time period.  So needless to say, I started a DietBet (well two of them!) about 11 days ago. I am now using the first DietBet (Blogilates one) as my starting Weight Watchers weight and tracking from there. At least now, all of my weigh in’s are essentially the same.

Starting Weight (1/2/14): 199.3

Last Weigh In for WW (1/10/14): 195.3

Current Weight (as of this AM): 193.7

Current Loss to Date: 5.6

So here is what’s up – N told me as incentive he would pay me $5 bucks for every pound I lose. My goal is to lost about 50 lbs which translates to $250 bucks. PLUS, he told me he’d buy me all new clothes when I hit my goal. I’d say that’s serious incentive!

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for over a week now. Finally on the mend, but it definitely hindered my gym going. I haven’t had much an appetite (normally when I’m sick I’m RAVENOUS), so this was a welcome change as well. But I have plenty on the forefront to keep me motivated. Here is what is on my current agenda.

Challenges (Money Challenges that is….)

1. 2 DietBet challenges: Such fun ways to kick off a weight loss. I’m doing the Blogilates January DietBet and one I started with friends. I’m about 70% of the way to my goal in the Blogilates and about 56% in our group one. Either way, it’s helping me to stay on track!

2. ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge at work: A group of us put in $20 bucks and whoever loses the highest percentage of weight loss in 6 weeks wins the pot. I’m in 🙂

3. N’s challenge (see above!)

Today also started a new challenge – Shakeology!

My good friend Molly of In a Nutshell Nutrition recently became a BeachBody coach. To kick this off, she started a 21-Day Shakeology challenge where we have to replace one meal a day with a shake. Today was Day 1 for me. The shakes are supposed to be your ‘healthiest meal of the day’ and are packed with proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. that promote health and well being. The point of the challenge is to track our energy levels, weight loss, regularity and such to watch for the changes we feel. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes.

I’m drinking the Chocolate, and was pretty happy with how it tasted this morning. Like pleasantly surprised. Not chalky at all like a protein shake. I just mixed mine with almond milk this AM and it was just enough. I’m still battling a bit of the hunger devil this AM, but I’m also assuming it’s my body getting used to the shake. Hopefully in a couple of days my body will adjust and be used to it! I’m also looking forward to seeing the weight loss that could potentially come with it! Anything to help me in my competitions!


Stay tuned for my daily updates and such on that front!

Anyways, I’m working on planning out some additional blog posts for the coming weeks, along with daily updates on the Shakeology challenge. Hoping that I can bring the blog back to full force in 2014!

Enjoy! 🙂


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