Reclaiming My Motivation

Have you ever had a day where you just felt like you needed motivation? Whether it’s to get your to-do list conquered, to finish that DIY project you’ve been putting off, or just to get back into the groove of exercise?

I’m having one of those days. Despite still being in a boot, I know there are plenty of things I could be doing to exercise even if it’s just upper body related. I look at an image I posted on myself on Instagram back in August of my 30 day, or so, progress from doing Insanity. I had lost 10 lbs and inches and you could see the drastic change. I was pumped. Then I got injured. And motivation turned quickly into depression and defeat. I was angry and sad that my body could defy me this way with all that I just worked so hard to achieve. So instead of continuing to exercise, I started eating junk again.


Fast forward 4 weeks, my body has changed again and not for the better, I put 5 pounds back on (and not water weight 5 pounds – we’re talking muscle turned back to fat 5 pounds) and am kicking myself for not continuing to do SOMETHING. I know it’s easier said than done, but really, how long would some push-ups, sit-ups, and core work have taken me.



And now, as I am back on track, eating healthier and tracking everything I consume with Lose It!, I am searching for motivation. All I want to do is run. I know that’s not an option right now and even once the boot comes off, I’ll be learning to run since I was never a true runner.

So how am I finding my motivation?

Simple. By googling, ‘Motivational Weight Loss Stories for Women’. The pages that come up are FILLED with women who have lost 30, 40, 50 and over 100 pounds. And that motivates me. And reminds me that I can do it too.


Also looking at motivational words of advice and fitness memes (strewn about this post!)

So what am I doing after work?

Some Push-Ups, some core work and possibly attempting a short walk up and down my street, even with the boot on. Just to get moving. My body and my mind are craving it. I am taking on a ‘no excuses’ attitude and no longer using my boot as an excuse.


This boot is not going to stop me from achieving my fitness goals anymore. I am going to keep working hard to be strong, fit and healthy.


By this time next year, I WILL have reached my fitness goals. And I will look back on this post as the day I reclaimed my motivation!

A few of the motivational weight loss sites:

I Did It!

Get Inspired to Get Fit!


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