An Annapolis Weekend

And I’m back after a very wonderful, lovely, celebratory, hectic weekend. I’m exhausted (in a good way!) and so thrilled that my best friend is now a happily married woman to a wonderful man!

I’ll post a menagerie of photos from the weekend shortly. But first, a quick list of what’s happening.

1. Foot – Good news: Doctor told me I can start trying to wean myself off the boot starting today! Bad news: I did something to it while at the wedding (perhaps it was the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ or ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ that did it). I opted to not wear the boot on Saturday. It felt okay, but I made the mistake of doing a bit of dancing. Oh well. Keep it on for a few more days or week and then starting trying to wean myself away from it!

2. Exercise – Since I’m still in the boot, and pretty much going crazy, I’ve been cleared to do exercise that will not put stress on my foot (aka Upper Body). BUT the doctor did clear me to do pilates as long as I’m careful. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to start exercising again in my life.

3. Food – I have legit ate nothing but comfort food and junk since my injury. And I’m talking a lot of pizza, a lot of beer and a lot of yummy things. Fast forward 4 weeks, and I gained back a few of the pounds I worked so hard at losing. Thankfully, I need a serious detox after this weekend, so it’s back to eating super clean and healthy again. My body is already thanking me! I’m actually excited to go grocery shopping tonight so I can clean all the junk out of my house.

4. Annapolis – And finally, Annapolis. Let’s just say this weekend was great. Starting with the rehearsal at the Naval Academy Chapel.


Next was the Rehearsal Dinner right on the water at Mike’s Crab House. It was my first time eating Maryland crab and it was so much fun breaking it open with a mallet! I was pretty excited to see a mallet included with my utensils :).


The next morning, it was off to the salon bright and early for hair and makeup. Followed by getting the bride ready. And then to the big event…. the wedding. Complete with the bride and groom leaving the church under an arch of swords. It was stunning! And then off to the reception we went. We had a great night and it was fun celebrating the happy couple!

On Sunday, we did a bit of site-seeing and relaxing. The fiance and I spent much of the afternoon at the Irish Bar next to the hotel, Fado, where we hung out with the locals and watched the game. I even got to drink my beer out of a mason jar!



We left yesterday and headed back home. I had to take a picture of the rental car before we left because we ended up going all the way to Maryland to get a rental car with a MA license plate!


And that my friends is my Annapolis round up!

Until next time….


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