Sweating Pink

Hi all – sorry for the long hiatus. It’s been a busy summer and I’m pretty shocked that it’s already September again. This time of year I always find myself reminiscing on going back to school. Maybe it’s the cooler air, the pumpkin flavors and the leaves changing, but I start to miss that rush of purchasing all the new items for school; especially the clothes! This morning was one of the moments of realization – I have plenty of summer items, but almost no fall items! Looks like a shopping trip is in my future – need some new sweaters, pants and shoes.

Now, onto the title of the post. I found out today that I have become a Sweat Pink ambassador!


I’m SO excited about this. While I’m not in the best shape, I’m definitely working towards a healthier life and this is just the kind of motivation I need. Needless to say, the blog will hopefully be a regular part of my routine again!

Just a quick update on my progress. Since the start of Insanity, I have lost 10 lbs and several inches. A huge success in my book! Currently, I am sidelined with a foot injury (Metatarsalgia) and am being checked for a stress fracture. Unfortunately, this means no high impact exercise until it starts to ‘feel better’. Let’s just say I’m DYING to get moving. Just when I was finally feeling great, I get sidelined. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve been able to do my heavy exercising and I’m hoping this will heal fast! I’m chomping at the bit to start Insanity again and to start my running program. My goal is to run a 5K by the spring (Yes. Finally.)

Needless to say, in the meantime, I’ll be pushing myself with push-ups, sit ups and ab work. Potentially some yoga (as long as it doesn’t put too much pressure on my foot!) and keeping my fingers crossed that this heals and stress fracture is not in my diagnosis!

Until next time!


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