Monday Funday!

Happy Monday folks!

This weekend seemed to go by in warp-speed (Don’t they all this time of year?) but it was definitely a good one. Most of this post will be in pictures, because simply put, pictures tell a good story!

Friday – After work, it was a relaxation night. I’ve been fighting a cold off so it was best to curl up with a good book and rest the night away

Saturday – Woke up, read a book, did our measurements and weekly photos for Insanity, went for a nearly 3 mile walk and then came home and I got ready for my best friend’s bachelorette party. The day began with us sailing on The Ninth Wave in Newburyport, followed by a cookout at her parents house and a bar crawl through Newburyport. Good times were had by all.


Sunday – Spent the morning recovering from the above Bachelorette Party. After, we did our groceries, food prep and our Insanity Fit Test. I was pretty stoked with the results!

Switch Kicks – 40 (up 3)

Power Jacks – 34 (down 3 – probably could of done more, but I burned out)

Power Knees – 68 (Up 13)

Power Jumps – 25 (up 8)

Globe Jumps – 7 (up 1)

Suicide Jumps aka Burpees – 10 (up 4)

Push-Up Jacks – 5 (5 ACTUAL Push-Up Jacks – this is huge because two weeks ago I could barely do one push-up)

Plank Obliques – 5 (down 3 – but I was exhausted and also slipping everywhere)

Needless to Insanity – insanity is working! I’m also down a couple of inches all around!

After Insanity, we did some cleaning and the fiance cooked an amazing Summer dinner of grilled chicken and veggies. Yum!


Only 4 more days until vacation begins!

Until next time.



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