What do you mean, it’s Thursday?

For whatever reason, every day this week, I’ve been one day ahead of myself. I thought Monday was Tuesday and Tuesday was Wednesday, etc. But today, it was the opposite. I thought it was Wednesday. Don’t ask me why… but I did. Turns out it’s not. It’s Thursday, which thankfully means, it’s almost Friday. Which means I’m almost to my best friend’s Bachelorette party. Which is another whole topic in itself, because I’m still in a semi-state of shock that we both got engaged in 2012 and she’s getting married. It’s a good state of shock though. I’m thrilled for her and her soon-to-be hubs is a wonderful guy.

With that in mind, her wedding is in less than 3 months. Which meant that I had that amount of time to get in the best shape I possibly could. Even though I’ve been motivated, see previous post about the DietBet, I just couldn’t get myself to work out. In jumps my fiance. He decides, after a weekend of watching Insanity videos, that we’re going to buy Insanity and we’re going to do it. All 8 weeks of it.

We’d been watching the infomercials for probably 2 1/2 years now. I’ve always wanted to try it, but a) wasn’t brave enough and b) was not about to spend $200 bucks on workout DVDs. So when he decided to buy it, I was shocked but also excited.

If you haven’t heard of Insanity, click the link. You’ll either want to cry or be compelled to try it.

Our copy wasn’t supposed to arrive until Monday 7/15/13. Lucky for us, it came on Saturday 7/13/2013. Which worked perfectly because it meant that my ‘rest days’ would be the days I was teaching at the barn.

Insanity is in the house.

Insanity is in the house.

Sunday morning – 7/14/2013 was our starting day. I got home from two photo shoots, changed and we did our measurements and Day 1 photos. I’ll post some progress photos once I actually have some visible progress! And then on to the Fit Test, and our first glimpse into Insanity. We started with the warm-up, which was a work-out in itself. By the time the Fit Test started, I was already dripping in sweat. I won’t bore you with all the details – but here are my Day 1 Fit Test results:

Switch Kicks – 37

Power Jacks – 37

Power Knees – 55

Power Jumps – 17

Globe Jumps – 6

Suicide Jumps – 6

Push-up Jacks – 2 (I did regular push-ups because I could barely do a push-up)

Plank Obliques – 8

Before Insanity/After Insanity

Before Insanity/After Insanity

Fast forward to today – we’re on day 12. Our next Fit Test is on Sunday, along with measurements and pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing what the results for this week bring!

And yes. It is by far the hardest workout I have EVER done. But it works. I’m already getter stronger. I can do 8 push-ups in a row. This may sound like so few, but for me, IT’S HUGE! Every day I’m starting to feel a little bit better. Hopefully the results will start showing soon!



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