A weekend away.

Hi everyone! Sometimes I forget I run a blog. Clearly the last week has been one of those times. Here is a rundown of the last week and why I went MIA.

  1. Work has been crazy. Good crazy though
  2. It snowed again this week, which led to two missed mornings at the gym. Which completely threw me off track,
  3. I travelled to Washington, DC this weekend, which meant serious laundry and packing Wednesday and Thursday night.

I love Washington, DC. I went for the first time about three years ago with Nick (our first vacation together!) and loved everything about the city. My best friend moved down there for graduate school about 5 years ago and has been there ever since. This weekend was just a girls weekend. She’s in the process of planning her wedding so I headed south for a bit of R&R and to see where her wedding will be!


Let’s just say I didn’t think twice about what I consumed the entire weekend. I was surrounded by delicious food and I took advantage of it. Friday night, after traveling much of the day, I was ready for a few drinks and dinner. Yuengling was on top at her favorite place and I indulged. I can only get Yuengling when I head south so I totally enjoyed!

After spending some time at The Ugly Mug, off to Matchbox we went for dinner. Chicken Pesto Pizza and their house special French Onion Soup was on tap that night!

Saturday morning, we got up and while she got ready, I took her adorable dog Amos for a walk around the block. Felt good to get up and move. It was so peaceful and her Capitol Hill neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous.

Once I returned, we headed off to Pound for their amazing breakfast sandwiches and coffee. I was also exposed for the first time to the art of creating designs in lattes.

After devouring breakfast, off to Annapolis we went, where she will be getting married in October. She gave me the grand tour of the Naval Academy, including the chapel and Officers Club where the wedding and reception will be. I was blown away by the size and beauty of everything. It was just stunning!

The Wright Brothers plane

Inside the Naval Academy chapel

The chandeliers in the Officers Club

After doing a bit of shopping, we enjoyed lunch at The Dock Street Pub where we sat outside and got some sun. I enjoyed another Yuengling, a bowl of Crab Chowder and a Grilled Tuna Caeser Salad (amazing!). Annapolis was stunning and I can’t wait to be back there in October!

After going to be super early on Saturday night, we got up Sunday AM and decided to take a nice long walk before meeting up with some people for brunch. I decided to give my CharityMiles app a try and since we were in DC, we chose the Wounded Warriors project. Despite it being a bit chilly, the walk was beautiful and I really enjoyed walking in a different location.

Loved this walking view.

Not too shabby!

My trip concluded with brunch at Tunnicliffs Tavern where I tried the most DELICIOUS and SINFUL breakfast I have ever tasted. The Farmers Omelette. An omelette filled with mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese and topped with sour cream. HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD. My favorite things combined into one delectable breakfast. Totally a heart attack waiting to happen.

Needless to say, with the amount of things I indulged in this weekend, I was sure glad we were constantly moving and walking. My scale wasn’t angry at me this morning and that made me happy! Back to normal eating habits again today.

At least, all of my cravings have been fulfilled!


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