Waking with the Sun.

Oh Monday. I can’t believe you’re here again already. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

After a great workout on Sunday AM, I realized just how much I am starting to enjoy going to the gym. Maybe it’s because I’m finally taking my health seriously. But I also couldn’t wait for the start of a new routine; hitting the gym before work. Yep. I’m actually excited to get out of bed when its still dark out to work out. Shocking. Especially coming from the person who has struggled to get to the gym very recently.

Lucky for me, I’ve been pretty used to waking up at 5 AM for a couple of months now since that’s when the other half has to get up for work. Although, in the past, I would just roll over and go back to sleep. Not today! I woke up at 4:54 AM. Clearly my body was just so excited to get moving that it didn’t want to sleep for an extra 6 minutes.

I was dressed and out the door by 5:07. No coffee (huge step for me!) and it was FREEZING this morning. My car said it was 17 degrees out. I was pretty thankful for my auto starter this morning. Also thankful it decided not to go off this morning too and wake up the whole neighborhood.

My babies.

I was shocked to see how empty the gym was when I arrived. I mean, I got front row parking. If you go to Latitudes in Salisbury, you know how coveted that is. Granted it was 5:15 am in the morning but still…
I climbed on my favorite treadmill, set it to 40 minutes and off I went! I decided today was the day I was going to start the Couch to 5K program. For years, I’ve started and stopped this program despite my longing to run a 5K. I’ve been saying for four years now ‘This will be my year to run a 5k!’ It hasn’t happened yet but Week 1, Day 1 of training kicked off today.
I was surprised at how I did considering how out of shape I am. Oh, and the fact that I’m totally not a runner. But I was pleased with myself when the workout was done. I fact, I felt great!
After showering and rejuvenating myself with a nice hot cup of Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee (I’m seriously obsessed), I got myself ready for work and packed up my food for the day. I mixed a little bit more almond milk into my Overnight Oats before getting them ready to take to work. I sampled a little bite and was hooked! Getting into work would not come fast enough.
Officially. Obsessed. With. Overnight. Oats. Holy mother of god. So easy and so delicious. I topped mine with banana slices a tablespoon of The Bee’s Knees Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter and Company. And of course had a cup of Yogi Tea’s Slim Life Blueberry Green Tea.

New obsession.

I love the little messages on the Yogi tea bags

I LOVE thick oatmeal so this was just perfect! And the cinnamon and brown sugar I added was totally soaked up overnight. Yummmmm.

I also made a delectable salad for lunch, filled with lots of good stuff and topped with salsa as my dressing (a delicious trick I learned from Weight Watchers!)

I’m definitely looking forward to kicking back and relaxing my sore muscles tonight. And it feels even better to not have to fit the gym in after a busy day at work!

When is your favorite time to work out?


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