Weekend Splurges

Sometimes, I can’t even believe how fast the weekends go by. They are here and gone in a blink of an eye!

Nick and I had a bit of cheat weekend. We definitely needed a break from our heavy focus on watching everything that we were eating. Which meant Friday night, on our way to do some groceries, we stopped at our favorite local eatery Las Olas Taqueria. We discovered this place about 3 years ago and have been obsessed with ever since. Everything is always freshly made and delicious (Make sure to go on a Wednesday or a Saturday and try the Tilapia…yummy). We usually go for the quesadilla, but this time we both stuck with a burrito. When I think burrito, I usually think GIANT. But they make the most perfect sized burritos. Just enough to fill you. I enjoyed mine with Cajun shrimp, rice, black beans, tomato, lime juice and a dash of sour cream. While not the healthiest meal, I figured I could have eaten a lot worse.

Saturday was a typical day for me. Arrived at the barn at 7:30, cleaned my stalls, threw some hay down from the loft and taught my lessons. It was the first Saturday in a few months that I had all of my lessons. For background purposes, I teach 10 lessons on Saturdays beginning at 10 AM and ending at 3 PM. I had 9 this week. As exhausted as I was when I got home (but a good exhausted because I love teaching kids how to ride!), it was decided that we old go out for dinner again! This time we were off to our favorite sushi restaurant, Sake, in Portsmouth. We love sushi. Like obsessed with sushi. We’ve even tried to make our own a few times. I branched out for a change (I usually get avocado and cucumber rolls) and went for a King Crab California Roll and a Spicy Scallop Roll. They were delicious! I couldn’t get enough.

Almost exactly what the scallop rolls looked like. That’s. Spicy Mayo on top, not cheese.


Sunday was a lazy day for us. We cleaned, organized, sat around and eventually went grocery shopping. We then went out for our THIRD dinner of the weekend. We NEVER go out to dinner this much unless we’re on vacation! This time it was off to The Community Oven in Hampton. They are a Flatbread-esque restaurant and we have become huge fans! The pizza is freshly made and delicious. I had a taco pizza while a Nick tried their Chucken, bacon, ranch calzone. Amazing.

Now it’s Monday again. And back to our healthy diets! But boy did it feel good this weekend to splurge! Best part, I didn’t gain any weight 🙂


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