5 down. 35 to go.

I promise. I have not been lazy… Okay, I’m lying. I’ve totally been lazy. But only because I’ve been sick. And not just with a cold. I finally went to the doctors and yep, sinus infection. On the plus side, my voice is finally coming back. If you consider the honking and squeaking instead of words, coming back.

I have to say. Despite being sick, I’ve maintained my eating healthy and calorie counting. I’ve splurged a little bit on comfort food (grilled cheese, ramen noodles, etc.) but made sure I stayed in my daily limit. And it paid off!

I got on the scale this morning and had officially lost 5 pounds!

Yep. I totally felt as excited as that girl.

I know it doesn’t see like a lot…but I can definitely already feel my pants loosening up and just feeling overall a lot better health wise. As soon as the coughing subsides, back to to the gym I go. I mean, I need to lose another 5 before I head to DC in March!

Cue disgusting picture. I know nasty… But that’s what I lost!

Okay short post today. Just be forewarned… When I lose another five, you may see the Carlton dance happen.



Just kidding. Or you’ll totally see it now šŸ™‚


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