Squats: Challenge Accepted

Happy Friday everyone! I woke up to the warm sun coming through my slider, a nice hot cup of coffee…oh, and some extremely sore muscles from Day 2 of The Gorilla Workout. Yesterday's workout may not have seemed like much for someone who is out of shape as I am, it was definitely to easy. Day 2 consisted of 2 rounds of 15 Superman's and 15 Dead Bug's. The Superman's aren't awful and remind me a bit of doing 'The Swan' in Pilates, except instead of just your chest, you pick your legs and arms off the ground.

The Dead Bugs were a different story. For one thing, this move solidified what I've always known. I have ZERO coordination. Zip, zilch, nada. Like it wasn't even an out of shape thing. It took me, literally, three minutes, just to figure out how to put my left leg straight and my right arm back. It shouldn't take anyone that long to figure that out. Secondly, they look fairly innocent a first. Until I got about 5 or 6 deep. Then I wanted to cry. Clearly I have no ab strength right now.

I wish I looked as graceful as that. She's making it look easy....


But we got through it. Of course we snuck a peek at Day 3 which is 4 rounds of 10 modified push-ups and 10 squats. Which of course called for me attempting a squat. This led into quite the discussion about how I'm doing them wrong and Nick proceeding to show me. As I attempted to do them the correct way, I realized that I flat out could not do one without lifting my heels to get down. Of course now I've realized that when I did Day 1, I probably did them completely incorrect thus not helping myself at all. Then another thought goes through my head…'Am I really THAT out of shape that I can't even do a squat?!' I blame my short tendons from my years of riding… (Totally a legit excuse right?). For the record, it can not be used as an excuse because I should be able to lengthen them by stretching and I am in fact just wicked out of shape.

So when I woke up this morning, I had brand spanky new determination at mastering squats. I was going to be able to do them if its the last thing I do! I may have to use a wall for a bit to build up some strength but I'm going to do it. So as I contemplated this post over my new favorite breakfast, Black Cherry Chobani with Cinnamon Raisin granola, I reminded myself that the best way to overcome something challenging is to work through it and challenging yourself. So I consider myself challenged.

On a side note, every time I hear 'squats', I immediately picture LMFAO busting into the room and begin singing…. Is that weird?

Planning to hit the gym later for some cardio!

What is the one exercise that you find the most challenging? How did you overcome it?




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