Gorillas and Pickles

We last left off at Day 1 of the 3 Day Military Diet. Let's just say Day 2 never came to fruition as the said cold turned into a killer. And by killer I mean, I ended up flat on my back for three days with an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). Yep, instant de-motivation to get healthy. When I'm sick, the last thing I want to do is focus on what I'm putting in my body. Which, looking back, probably would have gotten me healthier quicker.
Just as I'm starting to recover from that, thanks to some strong antibiotics, and preparing myself to jump back on the healthy train, I received some news that kept me derailed. My wonderful 92 year old grandmother had passed away in her sleep. Even though I had 'prepared' myself for it, it never makes it any easier. The week after that was full of comfort food and beer, while trying to fight might URI turned cold.
After about 2 1/2 weeks of comforting myself with my favorite foods, Nick and I decided that it was time to get our butts back in gear. For real this time. Normally, I go straight to Weight Watchers. It worked in the past for me, but after signing up and losing $55 bucks more than once in the last year, I decided to change it up. Instead, I signed up for MyFitnessPal.

The view of my home page from my iPad!

I've heard great things and know a lot of people who have been successful with it so I figured I would give it a whirl. I've never counted calories in the past. I tend to get a bit over obsessive about it. But this time, it's been really keeping me on track!
Initially it was allotting me 1200 calories a day, which I quickly learned was absurd for me. I also learned that I had somehow set my weight loss goal to the hardest one possible thus effectively starving myself. After making an adjustment, it now had me at 1520 a day. Much more attainable. I started with the app on 2/11/13 and weight in at 188.7. As of yesterday morning, I was at 184.4 for a total of 4.3 pounds lost so far! I'm being strict, but I'm also allowing myself for that splurge. It's only natural!
Okay. Enough on the background…again. I tend to do that every time. Guess I better get into more of a routine with this! What's really happening is my new found favorite workout known as 'The Gorilla Workout'.

I'm obviously at level one.

If you haven't heard of it, go check it out at my link above. It sounds silly, but let me tell you, for someone who is as out of shape as I am, it works. I could barely move on Tuesday. Needless to say, Tuesday was a rest day for me! But tonight, it's back at it! 2 reps of 15 dead bugs and 15 supermans!
The name of it definitely has me wondering if someone was obsessed with The Jersey Shore… Or with Snooki. But hey, if it works, I will totally promote it.

Coincidence? I think not.

Unfortunately, I haven't made it to the gym, but I have discovered some cardio videos on Comcast that I do enjoy. They aren't super high impact, but they are making me realize just how out of shape I am. I'm taking it slow, but will hopefully start my Couch to 5K training soon! It may not be pretty, but I'm going to become a runner!

Pretty much says it all.

I'm also happy to report, I'm back to horseback riding! For those of you who don't know, I was an avid rider from the time I was 9 until about 21-ish. Pretty much when I graduated college and begin teaching riding lessons more and riding less. It became more of a once a month thing, instead of a two to three times a week thing! Thankfully, I'm making the time to ride at least for a short amount of time on Sarurdays when I teach and in an adult group every other week (except last night because… SURPRISE! I am sick…again.)

Riding back in the day.

Also, for the record, I learned last night that a WHOLE dill pickle (the kind you buy in a giant jar from Sam's Club), yeah – they are zero calories. Now I know why Snooki had an obsession with them!




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