Tough Love and Motivation

After my previous post, I really thought long and hard about what motivates me. You would think it would be something simple; the goal is to be healthy. But sometimes that goal is just not enough for me to get off my overweight butt and hit the gym. It’s much easier said (or written in my case), then done.

After receiving a very long series of text messages from one of my closest friends and fellow blogger over at Just Your Average Athlete, I realized that seeing those around me make changes in their lives to get healthy is motivating. Not too mention, Molly’s tough love and her quest to help me get healthy is also SUPER motivating. Thanks Molly! In all honesty, while I knew in my heart it was time to get healthy, her messages truly motivated me and touched me to the core.


So, since my last post, I’ve thought long and hard about what is motivating me. Here it goes.

1. My Health: I have a history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, etc. in my family. I have a lot of odds working against me. I am determined to not end up with ANY of the above, unless its the way nature intended for it to happen. I want to be a role model to my younger family members and to the kids at the barn where I ride and teach. I want people to see me posting about my latest work out adventure and say ‘Wow! How motivating is that?! If she can do it, I can too!’

2. Four Weddings: Yes – I’m not going to lie. I have FOUR weddings to attend this year and I want to look amazing for all of them. One in April, June, September and October; two of which I am a bridesmaid in. What’s motivating about this? I don’t want to look fat in my dresses!


3. My Wardrobe: Now, this may sound a bit conceited, maybe even a bit contrived, but I love clothes. More specifically, I love my clothes. And when I look in the closet and don’t want to wear any of my clothes because they cling in all of the wrong places or they are just too tight, it’s motivating. I REFUSE to go buy all new clothes, two sizes bigger. I REFUSE! I want my clothes to fit.

4. My Family and Friends: Corny as it may sound, it’s true. Lets be real for a second. When someone in your family or one of your closest friends is on a quest to get healthy of are in the best shape of their lives, it motivates you. Or when you see someone that needs the support to do those things; it motivates you. I want to be both of those people. I want those around me to see me getting healthy and want to join in. Molly, who was mentioned above, has been a huge motivator for me because I see how happy and healthy she is! My fiancé is also a huge motivator because we want to be healthy for each other so we can spend many happy and active years together.

I’ll be brutally honest. I had a completely unhealthy weekend. I ate a lot. I drank wine and beer and had a wonderful time. But now that its the beginning of the week, I’m lethargic and can feel just how awful all of that is affecting my body. My energy is constantly low. And I refuse to pump myself full of coffee.

So yes, I’m being that person who says ‘Start of a new week; Start of a healthier me!’ but in reality, I’m just telling myself that the rest of my life begins today. A better, healthier me. I’m saying ‘No!’ To Weight Watchers (even though it works wonders), at least to the counting points, but sticking to their values of portion control, and focusing on eating healthier. And a lot of exercise. It’s not about a fad diet. It’s about learning to live and doing it on my own.

It also helps I have to check in with Molly by 6:30 PM every night to make sure I do something active every day (Tough Love at its finest.)

Stay tuned for my first night back at the gym. It should be an adventure to say the least.



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