“I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

I find myself some days wondering what my life would be like had I gone a different path. What if I went to art school and majored in photography? Where would I be now? What if I had taken off more time in between undergrad and graduate school? Would I have gone back?

I find myself having this banter with myself sometimes all too often. Not because I’m unhappy in the Marketing/Social Media field (I absolutely love it), but because I always find myself asking “What if?”

It may seem crazy. Maybe I’m having a ‘quarter-life crisis’. Even though I’m only 26, I feel like I have so many dreams and goals left to accomplish. And don’t say “You’re still so young! You have plenty of time.”

My life is currently like a high-speed Acela train and I’m just along for the ride. Each week seems to go by faster than the last. Before we know it, another year has gone by. Also, thanks Mayans for the awesome doomsday prank. Clearly 12/21/12 is just another day in the books; not the end of the world.

If I look back on my ‘life plan’ from when I was …. 18-ish?…. I would say I’m on the right track.

18-22: Undergraduate Degree (not much more to say here)
22-23: Take a year off and experience ‘life’ aka work as much as possible and attempt to ‘find myself’
23-25: Graduate School/find a full-time job with health benefits
25: Graduate from Masters program/Find a new career in new career path
26-30: Work/buy a house/get engaged/get married/get a dog/etc.
(I know…. I’m still 26, but I can check off ‘work’ and ‘get engaged’ off my list!)

I was blessed enough to also add, ‘Begin own business’ to that list for the 25-26 year (THANK YOU EVERYONE!), but now I have other things to add. Not just to add, but fit into my ‘life plan’.

Many of you may know (or not know), that I have been attempting to write a novel since I was 19 (guess I should probably add that in the Undergraduate degree section). In the 26-year, I managed to complete the first, albeit VERY ROUGH, draft. In the next six months, I plan to have the next version complete. By the end of 2013, I want to have it in its final form. I want to be able to start shopping it around, possibly self-publish, and be able to say ‘I am a published author.’

Call me a dreamer. But I’m about to make my dream, a reality. After all, I did it with my photography business; why not with a novel too?

Have you ever chased a dream until you achieved it? If so, what was it?


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