Military Romance

Summer is in full swing. There is nothing better than lying by the pool, reading a good book and getting a tan. Unfortunately for me, that doesn’t happen too often (it did yesterday!), but I’m okay with that. Usually when I’m not by the pool, it means I’m out scouring for my next photo shoot location, searching the internet for some great ideas and galavanting around town with my camera in tow.

Yesterday was no different. Thankfully I have some great friends who enjoy being a model for me. My good friend Jillian is an Afghanistan War Veteran as is her boyfriend. You’ll recognize her from a previous blog post, Natural Beauty. Our shoot yesterday was themed ‘Military Romance’ and boy, did the pictures come out fantastic! As I was editing through them, I actually felt like he was heading off to war! Needless to say, the pictures were stunning (as were my fantastic models for the afternoon!). The lighting was perfect and we got to shoot at some fun new locations including Oldie’s Marketplace, Plum Island Airport and Plum Island.



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