Horses and Flowers

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start to summer. For many, it becomes a weekend full of graduation parties, cookouts and long hours of sitting in traffic. For me, since I was about 14 years old, it has been a horse show weekend. Now for those who don’t know, I have been riding horses since I was 9, competed until I was 22 and have since retired from the show ring and am now enjoying watching my fellow barn mates and students competing in the show ring. I don’t get too many shows anymore as my schedule just doesn’t allow for it, but with The Greater Boston Charity Horse Show just twenty minutes away in Topsfield, MA, I couldn’t help but spend as much time there as humanly possible.

In the old days, I would spend hours by the rail, camera in tow, taking picture after picture, trying to perfect my horse show picture taking skills. Nowadays, while I still love to take pictures, I tend to take pictures more of our High Tail Acres riders instead. This weekend was no exception. My zoom unfortunately does not have the capability of my previous cameras, but I was able to catch some great and memorable shots. As well as capture some great moments in the barn.

After a wonderful weekend of horses and good friends/family, today I played around with settings and did my next favorite thing – drive around aimlessly looking for a great photo op. I ended up down in Newbury on the road leading to Olde Newbury Country Club, followed by taking pictures of some unique flowers in my garden.

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