A Very Blustery Day

Homework. I thought I was done with that word when I graduated with my Masters.

I was wrong. Granted, today’s assignment was fun homework. And by fun homework, I mean I got to go wander around and take pictures of moving items for my photography class. Sure it sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. At first though, I figured moving would mean a car, a child running or something along those lines. Instead, I tried to look for different items, especially on this very windy day.

Thankfully, living where I do, there are plenty of “moving” items. Todays subject – an angry river, a flying flag and a spinning wind turbine. In about an hour, I managed to capture about 100 pictures representing both shutter speed as well as depth of field.

Of course, I managed to capture some other interesting photographs… not ALL for class of course.


Newburyport High School 

Industrial Park Sun Rays

Jefferson Street Marsh


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