Tutus, Beaches and 2012!

2012 has officially arrived. With the arrival of  a new year, also means the arrival of new goals and resolutions, as well as new adventures. 2012 is bound to be a year filled with new experiences and I couldn’t be more excited. More on that down the road.

On Friday night, I had an early New Years celebration hanging out with three wonderful girls. It was a nice complete with makeovers, tutu’s and dance parties. Each of the girls had a custom-made tutu made by the talented Joanne from Custard Shoppe, and they were not your typical tutu. The colors were ever so vibrant and reflected each of the girls personalities to a t! We danced and modeled and just had a fantastic evening.

With the arrival of the new year, I decided to take off on the beautiful 50 degree day and learn my new camera just a bit further. Today was the day that I focused on keeping my camera on manual at all times and had full control on how my pictures came out. While it was difficult and was frustrating at times, I did manage to gather some fantastic shots. Once in a while, I did put it back on Landscape mode, but kept everything else on manual. Needless to say, I was pleased with how the images turned out.

I also tried my hand out at HDR photography. It is tricky, and when done right, can create some surreal and unreal looking images. I was pleased with the result as well, and now know just how it needs to be done.

So bring on 2012 – its bound to be a year full of excitement!


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