It’s hard to believe that the Holidays are already here. It seems like just yesterday I was fighting with the cat while wrapping last year’s presents. It’s hard to believe that in just a year our lives can change so dramatically. It seems that as we get older, the years just go by faster. Before we know it, another year is gone and we sit back and wonder where the year went. There are times that I wish I could just slow time down and just live and not worry about my daily responsibilities.

This year, well next year, I vow to make more time for me. That means more photo shoots, more books, more exercise and more cooking (well, attempting to cook). I want to look back at 2012 and not wonder where the time went, but wonder how I could have managed to do the things I did and feel proud. The end of 2011 was a great year (and it’s not even over yet), so I plan on making 2012 even better.

Here is a list of my fondest memories of 2011:

1. Watching Miss E ride for the first time (and second, third and fourth times)

2. Vegas and California vacation

3. Buying Nook #1 (and reading 34 books on it since February)

4. Reading close to 50 books in total for 2011 (Goal for 2012 – 75)

5. Losing 15 lbs

6. Spending time with some of the best people in the world

7. Landing my dream job as a Marketing Coordinator

8. Buying my new camera

9. Starting eryn e photography

10. Realizing that life is what you make of it (corny, I know.)

So bring on the Holidays and let’s finish up 2011 with a bang. 2012 – you have a lot to live up too.


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