Power outage = Photography excursion

The October Snowstorm came and went, but left hundreds of thousands with out power. During Hurricane Irene at least, it was still warm out. Losing power when it’s 30 degree out is just not the adventure that one would think it might be. Look at this way – it’s like camping in the winter, except instead of camping you are huddled under mounds of blankets and numerous layers just trying to keep warm. Grab a book and just kick back. Or if you get too cold, hop in your car and drive around with the heat on.

We were one of the lucky few who didn’t lose power during the storm (during is the key word in this sentence). Instead, we lost it at 11:15 AM, when the storm was long behind us, the snow was melting and everything seemed to be warming up back to typical October weather. Don’t worry, it didn’t make sense to me either.

So after a morning at the barn and a nice hot shower, I began my day. Since there was no power and boredom would have set in pretty fast on this perfect Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my camera and wondered around my great little city. Sometimes loss of power can turn positive, like today, and it gave me a burst of creativity.

My first stop was Cashman ParkΒ – one of my town’s great little parks that has plenty of recreation space, a revamped playground and a boat launch, all along the scenic Merrimac River. The wind was whipping pretty good when I got out of the car, but with the sun shining bright, it allowed me to take pretty vivid shots.

Next on the photography excursion was Atkinson Common. Another of my cities great little parks. Everyone that grew up in Newburyport has some form of memory from this park. Atkinson is known for their creepy tower that stands in the middle near the tennis courts. Growing up, it was always the topic of ghost stories and hauntings. It’s even creepier when you get up near it and look inside the jail-like bars upside. It definitely reminds me of an old jail (fitting for Halloween..)

Atkinson is full of beautiful surprises (especially in the summer). Below are just a couple more of the beauty within this park.

Once I made it home from my little excursion, the power had been restored! Needless to say, maybe a little power outage isn’t such a bad thing (unless it’s been out for a long time, or it’s cold out… or you have other things to be doing besides going out and taking pictures… ).





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