Oh New Englanders

In exactly one week, I will be in Las Vegas… well, San Diego to be exact, followed by Vegas. Needless to say, I’m definitely a bit excited… which might be an understatement. Below is the 10 day forecast. We enter Vegas on Monday. Compared to the snowstorm we’re currently having, IN OCTOBER mind you, 68 degrees and sunny is going to feel like a heat wave.

I’ve come to decide that us New Englanders are extremely hard to please. Sure, we’re having a snow storm before Daylight Savings Time even ends, but we live in NEW ENGLAND. We should come to expect these extremes by now. One day it’s 80 degrees and sweltering and the next day it’s 33 and a noreaster. But seriously, when we were having that ohmygoditswaytoohot glorious heat wave in July, all we did was complain that it was just way too hot and wishing it was just a little bit cooler. Now, while the sky has opened up and pouring out buckets of the fluffy white stuff, we are wishing we were back to 80 degrees and sweltering. New Englanders are just to damn hard to please (and I’m proud of being one to them… especially today when I wishing for 80 degrees again).

So tonight, while the snow is falling , I’m curling with a fantastic book

Seriously… it’s amazing. I started it last night and had the hardest time putting it down. I haven’t been this drawn to book in awhile!

And my favorite beer

Have to get it while it still lasts!

And relaxing and enjoying this winter fall evening. There is nothing like a major snowstorm in October!


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