Who knew?

I’ve never been one to appreciate architecture, but after today, I might just take a little bit more of an interest in it. At least in terms of photography. On this glorious October day, and what I can only assume will be the last day of summer, I headed into Boston with my fellow adventurers parents and went on a Whale Watch. Let me just say, if you are ever feeling like you need to go on a Whale Watch, go out of Boston. It’s completely worth it. And the architecture of the city is just stunning as well.

Not only was today the perfect ‘last summer day’, the way the sun was shining made for near perfect photography conditions. It provided me with some neat shadows and contrasts. Now on this lovely day, I decided to leave my brand new camera at home (for fear that I might drop it over board… I’m kind of a huge klutz) and used my Nikon Coolpix S630. I love this little camera and it still provides me with quality shots when I need them.

Now onto the real reason we went into Boston – the Whale Watch. We went out of the New England Aquarium (our second journey here this summer) and it was worth every minute on the water. We saw an estimated 6-10 Humpback Whales, as well as a number of sea birds. This time of year the whales are finishing up their feeding time before they migrate down to the Caribbean for the winter (lucky ducks!). My mother had never been on a whale watch, and the last time I had been on one I was about 10 years old, so it was extremely exciting seeing the whales up close and personal. If you’re interested in learning more about the whale watch we attended today, make sure to check out the NEAQ Whale Watch log (I know I will be).

For me, there was nothing more elegant than seeing the plume of a whale exhaling as they surfaced from the water and rose up out of it. It is incredible that a creature that large can be that graceful. Below are a few of the pictures from the excursion out on the water. Unfortunately, without my nice camera, it was hard to take great shots out at sea, but the little camera did the trick on some of them!

Below are just a few more images from the trip out and back in. Who knew Boston was so beautiful by water.

Boston Light

Lovell’s Island

The Boston Skyline

Remember to keep checking back here for more updates on my adventures and make sure to check out my Flickr account for the latest photography!


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