Just a little bit nostalgic

It’s officially an end of an era. Friendly’s Ice Cream is closing due to bankruptcy. And when I heard the news, it made me feel a little nostalgic, which then lead to me reminiscing about all those places you went as a child that seemed like they were indestructible and would still be there in 30 years so you could take your own children.

For me, there were plenty of places. My uncle’s condo in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. K’s Ice Cream. The Pioneer League where I played countless hours of softball and watched as my father coached the High School Varsity girl’s team. But the one place that stands out the most in my mind was a little breakfast and lunch joint that all the locals knew of and loved. Kathy Ann’s.  It was where we would go for breakfast nearly every Sunday and where my Nana, Papa and I would go for lunch whenever possible. It looks (the building still stands today, but now as Marina) like a dinner with a handicap ramp on the front and inside was just as quaint. When you first walk in, there was a breakfast counter with loads of cases holding their famous baked goods. The dining room was also small but had several booths and tables and it was decorated to feel homey. If you sat in the back section, you could look out of the river.

But the one thing I remember most from Kathy Ann’s were their cinnamon sticks. They were just pastries that were drizzled with a white frosting, but they were probably the most delicious things when I was a kid.

(They looked similar to this… only less twist and way more icing)


We would make pit stops there nearly any time of the week just for those incredible pastries. The day I found out they closed up shop was a sad day in my life. It was a place I had spent countless hours with family and friends, and became a staple in my life.

Just last year, I learned from a friend that they had re-opened but under the sign of Carmen’s Chicken Shack. I convinced my boyfriend that we should go there for breakfast (it just so happened to be my birthday too!). When we got up there, while it looked different, it had that same familiar smell. And the first thing I noticed was the case of my favorite cinnamon sticks.

Needless to say, I left with enough to go around my whole family twice as well as their cinnamon stick pie (its basically a cinnamon stick in a pie shape) and I couldn’t have been more excited. I recently found out that they have since gone out of business again (and is now a Mexican restaurant called the Red Iguana. We ate there. It was yummy.), but I’ll always remember my days at Kathy Ann’s.

What places gives you a sense of nostalgia?


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