Free Time Overload

I apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. Life got, let’s just say, a bit hectic. There are some major changes happening in my world (all good changes!), so stay tuned. I just wanted to drop a quick, well somewhat quick post, just to let everyone know that I haven’t deserted then blog. We’ll just call it a lack of creativity.

My master’s degree finally arrived. After two years of tireless nights, several papers and countless days of frustration, I finally have that all important piece of paper.

(not the greatest picture – but it’s the best I got right now!)

Despite saying, I’m completely done with school, I already have that slight urge to learn something else. But for now, I think I will just focus on my career and enjoying my life again.

With all of this free time, I’ve been reading A LOT again. The book I just finished made me think quite a bit about the afterlife. Now, I wouldn’t call myself religious. I didn’t grow up in a super religious household (shh… don’t tell my grandparents), but I would say my family did instill a sense of spirituality in me. I went to church as a child and completed my first communion (I was baptized catholic, but received my first communion at an episcopalian church), but not much more past that. But after reading this last book, I do feel I have a different idea about where we go after we die.

If you haven’t read Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo, check it out. Don’t be turned off by it’s religious undertones. It is a story that everyone will be able to relate to in some way. Especially if you’ve lost a loved one.  The story is incredible and it’s the easiest 150 pages I’ve ever read. But I walked away from really thinking about those that I have lost. After putting the book down, I found myself thinking about my family members who have passed on and comforted in knowing that someday I will see them again.


I won’t go much farther in because quite frankly I don’t want to start a religious debate. But read this book, even if you’re not religious or spiritual. You won’t regret it. I promise. (But if you don’t like it… don’t blame me either 🙂 I’m just the messenger.)


On that note, I promise that the next blog post will be back to my norm: more creativity, more pictures and less ranting just to fill space.


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