The first post

Welcome to a glimpse into my world.

Bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress and make this blog look fresh and fun… it might take me sometime.

For those reading, here’s a little background on me.

I graduated with my BA in Communications in ’08 where I was one of the last classes to learn print journalism. As you all know, print journalism is on the outs. I managed to wrangle a job at a publishing company where I had been a temp. That quickly ended as I realized the day in and day out of the same task just wasn’t for me. I left and began working back at the riding stable where I grew up while I looked for something new. I ended up working part-time at a liquor store as a Front End Manager learning as much as I possibly could about wines, beers and liquors for a year while I floundered around, got the last of my partying out of the way and realized I needed to find a real career. After another odd job of working at a gym, I landed a job at an up and coming company as a receptionist where I was quickly thrown into learning numerous different things, including marketing.

This is when I realized that marketing would be a good fit for me. It was the perfect blend of logic and creativity that I was looking for and was not a ‘desk job’ so to speak. I did my research, found a good graduate school program (one that did not require the GREs) and applied. Before I knew it, I was going to be starting my MS in Marketing in September of 2009. I had always said I would take a year off before starting school and I did exactly that.

Not long after enrolling, I was laid off. I floundered again, went back to working at my barn part-time and landed a gig as a Marketing and Office Assistant for a local limousine company. I was put in charge of the social media campaign and their newsletter. While there, I took advantage and learned as much as possible again. Working part-time was wonderful and allowed me to be able to spend a solid year focusing on school.

In August ’10, I learned I would be going back to the previous company, but this time as a Marketing and Office Assistant. I would still work the front desk, but would now have the ability to do some marketing and learn those ropes too. I’ve been back for almost a year (September 20th) and this past year has flown by. Not only was I working full-time, but I was still in school full-time. I should have mentioned that I did my ENTIRE program online. Extreme flexibility.

But now, I will officially be done with my Masters as of August 27th, 2011. The degree will be in my possession as of September 15th. And hopefully, my Marketing career will then take off. With school ending, I’m finding myself constantly wondering where my life will take me. Several people have asked me if I will go on to get my PhD. (The answer is no). The only thing that truly matter to me is that I did it. And I am just about done…

This blog will detail my life after graduate school. A time in my life where I suddenly find I have free time again and have the ability to explore my passions, without the stress of getting homework done hanging over my head.



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